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Attention is the beginning of devotion.

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To Bend Without Breaking: Surviving Difficult Times

Some images have the power to change us: to reduce stress, to inspire us, to teach us, to energize us, to heal us, to reconnect us to our souls. These images invite you to pause, to breathe, to go beneath the surface, to feel and think more deeply, to wander inside our own souls, to reconnect with our creative energy and to touch the Mystery. These images reflect attitudes and practices that help one survive with hope when times are rough.

About the Gallery
Prophetic Justice

Poet Mary Oliver once said, "attention is the beginning of devotion." At Scarritt Bennett Center, we promote creative expressions of the inner self as critical to spiritual practice and communal formation. Since its inception, Laskey Gallery at Scarritt Bennett Center has hosted artists whose crafts and voices demonstrate and reaffirm our commitment to creating a more just world.

The artists we showcase bear witness. They invite us to examine the parts of ourselves we overlook or purposely ignore; to take in the world as it really is; to imagine what could be or could have been; to reflect on difficult seasons and painful truths; to be honest about the stories we tell, the histories we affirm, and the voices we silence; to transform, to hope.

At Scarritt Bennett Center, we work to realize a just society and promote activism on behalf of all those who live with injustice.

Few point the way like the artist.

Exhibits in Laskey Gallery are always free and open to the public.

Photo in Laskey Gallery of woman with American flag mask over her mouth and nose
Exhibitor Application

Scarritt Bennett Center welcomes local and regional artists to apply to exhibit in the Laskey Gallery. All artistic media are welcomed.

We plan and confirm exhibits a year in advance, and begin marketing exhibits six weeks before they open. Each exhibit includes an artist's reception at the gallery after the exhibit opens to the public. We also sell exhibited art on behalf of the artist both in person at the gallery and via our online store.

To apply to exhibit your art in Laskey Gallery, email Sue Bock, gallery coordinator, with the following items:

• Name of individual or organizing group, with contact information and number of artists included in the exhibit
• A proposal, including examples of your work and the medium/style used
• Potential theme and/or name of the exhibit

Laskey Gallery: Past Exhibits (A Look Book)