Staff and Leadership

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Office of the Executive Director

Sondrea Tolbert, Executive Director

Gloria Caruthers, Executive Assistant

Finance & Administration

Marlan Crawford, Director of Finance

Michael Vaughn, Director of Technology

Food Services

Joe Irwin, Executive Chef

Whitney Klein, Food Services Manager


Laskey Library & Archives

LaDonna Weber, Librarian

Joon Powell, Archivist

Racial Justice Ministries

Director of Racial Justice Ministries

Rev. Kelli X, M.Div.
Director of Racial Justice Ministries

RJM Team

Sales, Marketing, and Development

Jenean Davis, Director of Sales, Marketing & Development

Melissa Bowers, Assistant Director of Conference Sales

Lizzie Auriene, Weddings & Special Events Manager

Deborah Jarrett, Weddings & Special Events Coordinator

Kenny Booker, Setup & A/V

Kevin Clark, Guest Services Senior Manager
[email protected]

Julian Adams, Guest Services Manager
[email protected]

Stella Beene-Venson, Assistant Guest Manager
[email protected]

Evelyn Conrad, Housekeeper

Soul Work

Linda Furtado, Director of Spirituality and Arts
[email protected]

Board of Directors

Andréa Hatcher, Board Chair

Gail Douglas-Boykin, Vice Chair

Patricia Battle, Secretary

Carol White, Treasurer/Finance Chair

Sondrea Tolbert, Executive Director (Ex-Officio)


Acacia Bamber-Salatti

Jerlean Bass

Kathy Booker

Keith Caldwell

Tamara Clark (Ex-Officio)

Erika Callaway Kleiner, Development Chair

Angella Current-Felder

Rev. Stephanie Dunn

Katherine Finberg, Nominations &
Governance Chair

Shirley Ison-Newsome

Carolyn Johnson

Valerie Ann Johnson

Caroline Martin

Henrietta McCroskey

Kent McNish, At-Large

Donna Patterson (Ex-Officio)

James Polk

Marilyn Talbert, At-Large

Martha Sue Thrasher

Sally Vonner (Ex-Officio)