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Creating space where individuals and groups engage each other to achieve a more just world


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in our historic Residence Halls

Racial Justice

No one is free until we are all free.

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Weddings at Scarritt Bennett Center

We enable women to strengthen their voices for self-advocacy, leadership, and action.

Empowerment of Women

We challenge societal assumptions about power, domination, and violence that use race and ethnic differences to create inequality and inequity.

Eradication of Racism

We work to realize a just society and promote activism on behalf of all those who live with injustice.

Prophetic Justice

Grounded in our Christian tradition, we provide a space for cultural expressions and a place at the table where all are included and affirmed.

Radical Hospitality

We value sacred rituals as ways of honoring and celebrating cultural expressions.

Sacred Rituals

We are rooted in an understanding that tending to the soul buoys and strengthens individual and communal renewal.

Spiritual Enrichment

Transformative Education

We build on our legacy of teaching and learning to empower people to be progressive catalysts in their communities.

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A place for justice.

Scarritt Bennett Center is a nonprofit conference, retreat, and education center in Nashville, TN. Our mission is to create space where individuals and groups engage each other to achieve a more just world.

Owned by United Methodist Women, our campus is formerly home to United Methodist-related Scarritt College for Christian Workers (1924–1980) and Scarritt Graduate College (1981–1988). Today, Scarritt Bennett Center works to continue on the powerful legacy of the Scarritt students, faculty, and staff in the fight for women’s empowerment, racial justice, and dignity for all.


Featured Programs

Salama Circles: A Call for Black Women Across the Globe to Heal and Be Free

Salama Circles: A Call for Black Women Across the Globe to Heal and Be Free

Salama is a Swahili word that means safety. It has a historical etymological relationship with the Hebrew word shalom (“peace”), the Arabic salaam (“a greeting”), and Portuguese salamo (“flying or soaring”). The word points to the freedom that comes with being safe as you enter and dwell in a particular space or community.

Scarritt Bennett Center, in collaboration with The Global Arts and Theology Experience (GATE), presents Salama Circles: an intentional respite and safe space for Black women all over the globe to soar, to be free to express emotion, and release pain and anger for the sake of healing. Salama Circles is a virtual series that invites Black women all over the globe to directly address issues of grief, joy, pleasure, and burden by engaging in conversation about the intersectional realities that Black women face daily, and how they impact particular kinds of trauma and exclusion.

Salama Circles also offers resources and models of healing that allow Black women to reclaim joy and pleasure as mechanisms of liberation.


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