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Spiritual Hunger is Everywhere in Our Society

Spiritual formation is one of the four major elements of Scarritt Bennett Center's purpose, and it undergirds our work to eradicate racism, empower women, and educate the laity.

At Soul Work, we believe “spirituality” is about our relationship with God and how that relationship can grow and bring about change in our own way of living. We provide aid and resources for the spiritual journeys of individuals and groups. Our programming includes public and private worship, study, creative expressions of the inner self, and time and space for reflection and renewal. We emphasize music, poetry, and the visual arts as spiritual practices.

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
About Linda
Linda Furtado

Whether in her many years and roles of service as a United Methodist minister or in her own home as wife of elder Rev. Jefferson Furtado, and mother of 3 daughters ages 16, 14, and 9, Linda thrives by being a creative force for spiritual formation and learning.

Whatever her pursuits, she works to build holistic ways of being Christian with a wide scope of possibility and depth in both understanding and execution. She brings a mind that makes even the most challenging theological concepts, including those that she is gaining from her seminary studies at Asbury Theological Seminary, into tangible and practical resources for building up God's kingdom and kin-dom on earth.

Linda Furtado