Worship Services

Worship Services

Morning Meditation in Wightman Chapel

Morning Meditation offers you the opportunity to come and sit for a few minutes, or longer. Begin your day with a sense of peace and quiet.

Scarritt Bennett Center invites you to step inside the beautiful, sacred space of Wightman Chapel for a time of silent meditation and prayer.

Beginning August 11, Wightman Chapel will be open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.

Masks and physical distancing are required per CDC guidelines.

Vespers & All That Jazz

Vespers & All That Jazz is a worship experience using words and music from a variety of sources to encounter the Sacred. We understand jazz to be a process of making music; music which shapes the service and helps us experience the interruptive Spirit of God in ourselves and others. The style is experiential. Open minds, open hearts, and open ears are essential. Justice, compassion, peace, and wonder are hoped-for responses.

Tuesdays in the Chapel

Tuesdays in the Chapel is a weekly 35-minute worship service held each Tuesday at 12:30 pm in Wightman Chapel. It includes preaching, scripture, prayer, music and features guest preachers from a variety of backgrounds and faiths. This mid-week “Sabbath break” provides a peaceful space for renewal and spiritual refreshment.