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Spiritual Hunger is Everywhere in Our Society

Spiritual formation is one of the four major elements of Scarritt Bennett Center's purpose, and it undergirds our work to eradicate racism, empower women, and educate the laity.

At Soul Work, we believe “spirituality” is about our relationship with God and how that relationship can grow and bring about change in our own way of living. We provide aid and resources for the spiritual journeys of individuals and groups. Our programming includes public and private worship, study, creative expressions of the inner self, and time and space for reflection and renewal. We emphasize music, poetry, and the visual arts as spiritual practices.

Spiritual Renewal Title
Spiritual Renewal
Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events
Remembering 9/11
Remembering 9/11

CONTENT WARNING: Some of the images, video clips, and audio clips in the presentation may be difficult for some viewers and listeners. Viewer/listener discretion is advised.

To mark the 20th anniversary of September 11 attacks and in observance of the 2,996 lives lost, Scarritt Bennett Center hosted “Remembering 9/11”. “Remembering 9/11” provided space for members of the Nashville community to grieve and reflect. At the beginning of each hour and half-hour, there was a multimedia presentation to help guide attendees in their own journey toward healing. Attendees were invited to use the space for reflection, silent meditation, prayer, and contemplation.

The space also encouraged understanding, cooperation, and reconciliation between different faith traditions, as well as provided resources for adults and children.

by Donna Patterson
"Do all the good you can..."
by Donna Patterson
Open Hands
by Donna Patterson
Faith Forged in Doubt
by Donna Patterson
Liminal Space
About Donna
Rev. Dr. Donna Patterson

Rev. Dr. Donna Patterson is a retired United Methodist clergywoman, educator, spiritual director, mentor, poet, and Laughter Yoga leader. Rev. Dr. Patterson served as a local church pastor in the Mountain Sky Conference of the United Methodist Church and has led workshops and retreats at both local and national levels in the areas of worship and spirituality.

Creative, curious, contemplative, and a consummate learner, Rev. Dr. Patterson is a graduate of Scarritt Graduate School and Iliff School of Theology and holds a Doctor of Ministry in Spirituality and Story from Wesley Theological Seminary.

Currently, Rev. Dr. Patterson serves as Anam Cara Chaplain in Residence and leads the Soul Work program at Scarritt Bennett Center in Nashville, TN.

Rev. Dr. Donna Patterson