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She Walks in a Garden of Her Tears by Henry L. Jones

on sale through March 29

“One Song for Three Journeys” by Henry L. Jones is a series of 30 abstract paintings of images that explore thoughts, feelings, and ideas flowing along three journeys. Jones painted these images with his Gib Art technique.

Journey One: The Pursuit of Wholeness
These paintings portray realms of healing and rebirths while overcoming obstacles and setbacks. These paintings symbolize stories shared as lyrics sang.

Journey Two: The Connection of Identity
These paintings delve into subjects of self-love, mirrored inner images and cultural connections. They show unfolded beauty and self-narration. These paintings describe the unveiling of acceptance as a praise in the song.

Journey Three: The Desire for Global Reaching
These paintings are images of interweaving layers of the other journeys. The last path is a bridge which unites the others. The bridged paintings reflect the melody translated as a single whole note. It’s circular symbolism and literal meaning of wholeness of the song vibrates.

“Like done in my griot heritage,” Jones reflects, “my art is storytelling with images. I desire to sing all those stories as art in ‘One Song for Three Journeys’.”

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