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Our Mission

To create space where individuals and groups engage each other to achieve a more just world.

Scarritt Bennett Center is a nonprofit conference, retreat, and special events venue located in the heart of Nashville. Founded in 1988, we are an organization committed to transformative education and social justice. Our campus is formerly home to United Methodist-related Scarritt College for Christian Workers (1924–1980) and then, briefly, Scarritt Graduate School (1981–1988). As a nonprofit, Scarritt Bennett Center works to carry on the incredible legacy of Scarritt students, faculty, and staff in the fight for women’s rights, racial justice, and dignity for all.

Core Values

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Empowerment of Women

We enable women to strengthen their voices for self-advocacy, leadership, and action.

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Eradication of Racism

We challenge societal assumptions about power, domination, and violence that use race and ethnic differences to create inequality and inequity.

Crowd with "Justice Now" sign in the middle

Prophetic Justice

We work to realize a just society and promote activism on behalf of all those who live with injustice.

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Radical Hospitality

Grounded in our Christian tradition, we provide a space for cultural expressions and a place at the table where all are included and affirmed.

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Sacred Rituals

We value sacred rituals as ways of honoring and celebrating cultural expressions.

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Spiritual Enrichment

We are rooted in an understanding that tending to the soul buoys and strengthens individual and communal renewal.

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Transformative Education

We build on our legacy of teaching and learning to empower people to be progressive catalysts in their communities.