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Draw The Circle Wide

April 20-21, 2012
Scarritt-Bennett Center

$20 for the weekend / $15 for students with ID
(includes Saturday lunch)

Draw the Circle Wide welcomes you to engage in open and honest conversation about and with LGBTQ people in religious communities.

The conference is based on the conviction that only risky communication can help communities navigate the tensions of sexual orientation and gender identity. In the spirit of dialogue, there are no solo speakers; instead, our presenters will converse with each other.

Somewhere between a fearful silence and an anxious tendency to control by diagnosis and cliche, we hope to find a way of integrity and love.

The weekend will end with a performance of Transfigurations by Peterson Toscano in Benton Chapel and will be open to the public.

REGISTER: Online: http://conta.cc/dtcwide,
call 615.340.7557 or email aelliott@scarrittbennett.org

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(Harambee Auditorium on the Scarritt-Bennett campus)
Sexuality 101 & Bible 101:
A Dual Credit Course

Dr. Lori Messinger, Professor and Director, School of Social Work at University of North Carolina – Wilmington

Dr. Annaliza Azzoni, Assistant Professor of Hebrew Bible & Ancient Eastern Cultures, Vanderbilt Divinity School

A gender and sexuality studies expert and a biblical studies expert will kick off our weekend with a dialogical crash course in sexuality and Scripture. The object of this segment is to lay a foundation for further work on Saturday. Issues covered will be the “clobber verses,” the basics of the LGBTQIA alphabet soup, gender, and sexuality.

(Harambee Auditorium on the Scarritt-Bennett campus)
9:30am - Coffee & Mingling

10:00am Talking Sex in Church: Panel Discussion
Six people will speak on their experiences speaking out about sexuality in religious communities, with attention paid to racial, interdenominational, and generational differences. A major theme of this conversation will be the role of communication in communities grappling with sexuality.
Where does integrity show up in these encounters? Honest communication? Good listening? Where does it break down? Can we identify moments which can teach us how best to exist in these tensions? Are there ways to diagnose where we stop existing in tension and break away or take stronger stances? What advice for allies?

Rev. Pam Hawkins, Associate Pastor, Belmont United Methodist Church

Rev. Martin Espinosa, Pastor and Founder, Ray of Hope Community Church; Instructor of Religious Studies, American Baptist College

Lyndsey Godwin, Director of Education, Planned Parenthood of Middle and Eastern Tennessee

Robbie Maris, Co-founder, Belmont University Bridge Builders
Holling Smith-Borne, Director of Wilson Music Library; Pianist, Glendale Baptist Church; Assistant Accompanist, Nashville in Harmony

Dr. Monique Moultrie, Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Western Kentucky University

11:00am Break!

11:30am Help / Hurt: Effects of the Coming Out Process on Community Members
Caitlin Ryan’s (Family Acceptance Project) research on the effects of family and community reactions on LGBTQI teens will be presented. A pastoral care provider will speak to their experiences with watching and helping through the coming out process. These conversation partners will pay attention to the panel conversation that has occurred just before and, ideally, thread it through their own.

Dr. Lori Messinger, Professor and Director, School of Social Work at University of North Carolina – Wilmington

Dr. Brian Hooper, Minister of Pastoral Care, First Lutheran Church, Nashville; Integrative Pastoral Counselor

12:30pm Lunch
(Susie Gray Dining Hall on the Scarritt-Bennett campus)

1:30pm Break-out Sessions I

Building a Welcoming Church

Kelley Frances Fenelon and Anthony Fatta
Reconciling Ministries Network, Jurisdictional Organizers

LGBTQ People in the Black Church
Kristin Kelly M.Div., Vanderbilt Divinity School), Monique Moultrie (Visiting Assistant Professor, Western Kentucky University

A Space for Family and Friends of LGBTQ People
Melissa Gordon Social Worker and Community Organizer-Community Theology Group
Helen Willis Social Worker

Queering Theology
Brandy Daniels Ph.D. Candidate in Theological Studies,
Vanderbilt University

2:30pm Break!

3:00pm Break-out Sessions II
same as the 1:30 session

4:00pm Closing Meditation (Harambee)

Peterson Toscano7:00- 9:00pm
Peterson Toscano’s Transfigurations

Open to the public - $5 donation requested
Download performance flier

(This performance will be held at Benton Chapel at Vanderbilt -
411 21st Ave S., Nashville, TN 37240)

REGISTER: Online: http://conta.cc/dtcwide,
call 615.340.7557 or email aelliott@scarrittbennett.org

MORE INFO: sarah.f.porter@vanderbilt.edu

Hosted by Scarritt-Bennett Center
(Harambee Auditorium in Fondren Hall)
1008 19th Ave S • Nashville, TN 37212

Please note: All events will be held on the Scarritt-Bennett campus with the exception of Toscano's closing performance, which will be held in Benton Chapel on the Vanderbilt campus.

Scarritt-Bennett is a nonprofit education, retreat and conference center and is not a part of Vanderbilt University.




Boo Tyson
Vice-President of Program